Photographed by Nicole Lev for Lonny.
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One of our favorite things about being based in the Bay Area is the community of supportive women we find ourselves surrounded by. A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to not only break bread with Brightside Collective (an East Bay women’s collective) and Erin Fong of The Friendship Project but to help design the tablespaces inspired by her gorgeous prints.

Fong’s prints encourage women to break out of their comfort zone and forge friendships by initiating the first step — never an easy feat. The message behind The Friendship Project is definitely one we can get behind.

We took the tonal palette of her prints and tapped The Floral Times to design colorful arrangements for each table. The tables (which were colored pink, green, and blue) were anchored by neutral-colored linens and tablecloths by Bay Area-based Rough Linen and the IKEA tableware matched the table’s assigned florals. It was truly a night to remember.