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A Vacay Home That Promises To Be The Space Of Your Dreams

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Courtesy of Punta Mita Properties.
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Whether you're jet-setting to a beach oasis or hanging around your home doing nothing, now is the time to rest up for the year ahead. Well, if what you're into is traveling to a beachside slice of heaven (lucky you!), and you’d prefer to make that feeling more permanent, the real estate available  in Punta Mita, Mexico is where you need to look — specifically the newly developed Porta Fortuna Residences!

The Porta Fortuna properties open up to an airy, light-filled courtyard and feature an expansive ocean view on top of amenities like access to a private beach club, top-rated restaurant, and more (you never have to leave!).

And, because the design of the Porta Fortuna property is such a head-turner, we asked interior designer Erica Krayer of the Mexico City-based firm UribeKrayer how they authentically mixed Mexican design with modern, localized influences and the overall process of creating a stylized vacay home. So, if you do buy you have the inspo right here! 

If you're itching for a permanent getaway in the heart of Mexico prices start at $3 million. Santa, you hear that? Consider our wish list done!