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An Oakland Architectural Gem Transformed Into A Colorful Family Home

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Photographed by Aubrie Pick for April Powers Interior Design.
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Decorating and renovating a classically designed home is always a unique challenge. While you want to provide your own design perspective and give it a modern touch, you also have to honor the unique bones of the space. So when interior designer April Powers had the opportunity to work on a historic house in Oakland, she used color as her tool to add in some fun.

“The home’s aesthetic is classically traditional with modern, eclectic elements and a nod to Moroccan details influenced by the Andalusian-style architecture of the house,” explains Powers. “The architecture of the house was able to handle strong colors and seemed to ‘want’ it.”

With a mix of cool textiles, classic pieces, tile, and on-palette rooms, this reno is a total gem. Read ahead to explore the home and learn about its unique design.