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Anthropologie's First Ever Outdoor Line Is Summer Goals

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Courtesy of Anthropologie.
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Anthropologie always has some of our favorite furniture to lust over, but unfortunately, it's been limited to the indoors. Well now the brand has launched its first ever outdoor collection filled with weather-resistant pieces to deck out your backyard.

"Anthropologie’s collection reflects our customer and the way she wants to live her life," shares Andrew Carnie, Anthropologie president of home, garden, and Europe. "She aspires to spend more time outdoors in settings that are as personal, comfortable, and functional as the other rooms in her home for dining, entertaining, or relaxing."

From dining sets to colorful statement seats, these furniture pieces are perfectly tailored to the Anthro shopper. "Our customer’s keen sense of individual style inspired the collection," says Carnie. "It exhibits an array of design influences, resulting in pieces that suit all tastes whether eclectic, colorful, and bohemian or clean, understated, and contemporary." Check out our favorite finds ahead.