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Behind The Captivating Instagram Feeds Of 10 Minimalist Designers

House of Grey: @houseofgreylondon

After spending 12 years beautifying rooms as a creative consultant and interior stylist, Louisa Grey was seeking deeper meaning. The result is London-based interior design consultancy, House of Grey, founded in 2013. With an emphasis on well-being via aesthetics, her designs incorporate an array of locally-sourced, natural, and sustainable materials in spaces that evolve with you.

Grey tells us that her rooms are meant to "replenish your energy and engage all five senses... where the home becomes a restorative haven and the workplace can be a calming, yet inspiring space for all." She adds, "We also thrive on creating inspiring space in unexpected places, creating havens of calm away from the unwanted sensory stimulation of urban environments."

The company's Instagram was launched two years following as a representation of their "mood aesthetic" and "rituals." Building on an evolving bank of House of Grey images, they work with a range of photographers for the platform. "Over the past six months or so, we have shot the home at House of Grey, the new House of Grey studio, and photographed curated materials such as wood, stone, paper, and porcelain to showcase their inherent natural or healing properties," she explains.

The team also sources imagery from other designers, architects, photographers, and makers who share their philosophy and design principles. "The visual expression of our brand is often communicated with images representing escapism, that present a sense of calm, using soft tones," she shares. The feed is meant to stand as visual meditation for its followers, and it shows.