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Behind The Captivating Instagram Feeds Of 10 Minimalist Designers

Rosie Seabrook: @rosie__seabrook

Graphic designer Rosie Seabrook spent several years in branding for luxury fashion company Joseph before following her dream to pursue interior architecture and furniture. In March 2017, she launched her eponymous design consultancy focusing on soothing timeless spaces and understated elegant details. 

Her styles, she explains, focus on "sophisticated antiques and furniture — predominantly from the French modernist era of the 1930s — set against austere, but deeply comfortable interior architecture heavily influenced by the Belgian modern movement."

In October 2017, Seabrook's Instagram feed took form as she used platform to provide inspiration and industry knowledge. "I try to share the work of architects and interior decorators that I am influenced by and always try to credit the artisan contractors where possible," says Seabrook. Through her work as a consultant and her online presence, she strives to provide access to high-quality artisan products and suppliers to help clients and followers create their own beautiful and unique spaces.