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Behind The Captivating Instagram Feeds Of 10 Minimalist Designers

Studio Black Interiors: @studioblackinteriors

Maria Cerne channels her surroundings in Canberra, Australia — the coastline, open spaces, stunning landscapes, and abundance of sunshine — translating the rugged beauty into relaxed, simple, and sophisticated spaces. Within her work at Studio Black Interiors, she embraces texture, pattern, and color without overdoing it. 

"My design aesthetic is inspired by the balance between function, beauty, and simplicity — definitely modern, minimal, and paired back," explains Cerne. "I like to focus on clean lines and beautiful finishes, combined with materials and textures that are warm and inviting. I find it’s the small design details that make a space unique."

Her feed began with her business in 2016, using the platform as a place to post a combination of her inspiration and her own work. "We have such talented designers in Australia as well as internationally, so I like to share lust worthy interiors with my followers," she explains. Cerne focuses on being genuine with images that align with her brand naturally, but also gets a little playful and deep. 
"I’m also a bit cheeky and sarcastic and I love a good inspirational quote. I am also a big believer in putting out into the universe what you want to attract," she says. "I post imagery that aligns with what I want to create."