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Behind The Captivating Instagram Feeds Of 10 Minimalist Designers

Nathan Lindberg: @nathanlindbergdesign

Husband and wife design duo, Matt and Nicole Lindberg of Nathan Lindberg began collecting vintage furniture and curating interiors around 10 years ago as a hobby. Now, their passion has escalated to a full-time career. Nestled in Hamminkeln, Germany, much of their work is influenced by Florence Knoll and Dieter Waeckerlin furniture. Those shapes are apparent in their items from straight lines to clean designs. To them, "less is more."

They officially kicked off their brand in 2016, with their Instagram following in 2017. Matt divulges that it was a struggle acquiring followers, and after the first 1,000 to 2,000, they began sharing furniture and designs they were moved by in addition to their own work.  

"It's not possible to share something interesting every day. It seems that with pushing content, people get bored," explains Matt. "We took the time to analyze how to grow."

They found that a blend of images that are similar to their aesthetic, popular designs, and as well as their own work and products garnered the most success.

In addition to strong product imagery, he also incorporates keywords and hashtags. He divulges that it's all about the "in-room" arrangements, with "some text for those who read... most are looking at pictures."