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Behind The Captivating Instagram Feeds Of 10 Minimalist Designers

Studio Twenty Seven: @studiotwentyseven
Studio Twenty Seven founder Nacho Polo describes his aesthetic as very clean, minimalist, and sophisticated. Perhaps the most austere of this group, his work is a nearly blank canvas in a space with select, carefully placed items. Both his brand's and his personal Instagram feeds were launched at the same time — in the summer of 2014.

While Studio Twenty Seven's 'gram takes a minimalist approach, his personal feed peppered with exotic getaways and selfies. "Both are very different. In my personal Instagram, I only post images taken by myself — I love taking images of moments and of course a few selfies. This account is more for fun," he says. "My company account is totally different. We post images from our gallery and images from designers that we represent from all around the world."