AD Office:

Arçen Dockx is a Belgium-based interior architect with a small-scale office in Kortrijk, West-Flanders. Launched in 2009, AD Office began as a very selective brand with most of the work managed by himself with the help of a few freelancers. In a style he calls "low-key luxury" or "soft-minimalism," he taps into refined materials and making sense of a space. "I will objectively try to eliminate all the noise," Dockx says. "The result is a paired down interior without compromising the demand for luxury my clients appreciate."

Instagram didn't come until January 2017, where he is equally selective about what he posts. Images are only of his own work with no re-grams. "I have also learned to be very patient. An image may look great, but I will never impulsively post anything," Dockx explains. "I will view and re-view every potential post before I decide which image and when I will post is." The results speak for themselves.