Mim Design: @mimdesignstudio

Launched in 2000 by Miriam Fanning, Mim Design consists of a team of creatives in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia with expertise in interior and exterior design, custom furniture, styling, and architectural integration. "Timeless features such as high ceilings, well-proportioned rooms, use of materials, as well as producing shape and form in a sculptural manner are some of Mim Design’s traits," describes Fanning. "We use a lot of natural stone as each piece is unique and much like artwork."

The company's Instagram feed started three years after the brand launched, and to this day, it still posts only its own content. In its stories, the team re-grams their projects that others have posted and use that as a channel to connect with followers, industry partners, and supplies "to show insight into the everyday workings of Mim Design." 

Fanning describes their posting style as "fluid" and "of the moment" in response to the day-to-day ongoings of the studio. In order to display their varied range of work, they strike a balance of newer and older projects and typologies. "This is developed by every member of our studio from attending site visits, photo-shoots, and developing conceptual work," she says. "It’s amazing to see how Instagram has the capacity to provide small businesses with such great exposure."