The Best Chunky Knit Blankets For 2021

Hop on the bulky blanket bandwagon with these throws, all of which are soft, cozy, and luxurious.

Whether you're searching for an eye-catching texture, a pop of color, or cloud-like comfort, the best chunky knit blankets for 2021 deliver on all accounts. You've likely seen these bulky throws on your Pinterest feed or scattered around interior design magazines, but now, countless buyers have decided it's time to get one for their own space. If you're not quite crafty enough to DIY via arm-knitting (or you simply don't have the time), we've got you covered — literally. 

Chunky-knit blankets are categorized by their oversized yarn, which is so thick that you can easily follow the woven pattern from one loop to the next. There's no set range of measurements that separate a chunky knit blanket from a not-so-chunky-knit one, so the size of the yarn will differ from throw to throw. Ultimately, it's about preference, but know that thicker-yarn blankets tend to be more expensive and more breathable (since the holes are larger and allow for improved ventilation).

Like any other throw blanket, bulky knit blankets are available in tons of sizes and colors, and you should think about a specific color scheme and the intended use (bed versus couch) before you make a purchase. 

Another important factor to consider is the material. Most affordable ones are made from acrylic, which is a manufactured material that's durable and versatile. Higher-quality options utilize natural fibers like cotton, wood pulp, and wool, which are often more expensive, but better for sensitive skin and the environment.

Now that you're better equipped to narrow down your options, it's time to check out the best the internet has to offer for 2021. These chunky knit blankets are highly rated, extremely comfortable, and add a functional accent piece to any space — and best of all, you don't even need to break out the knitting needles.

The Overall Best Chunky Knit Blanket

There are several reasons the Hearth & Crate chunky knit blanket is considered one of the best on the market right now: The chenille fabric has a buttery soft feel that's shed-resistant and hypoallergenic and the 50-by-60 inch size suits any living room, bedroom, or lounge area. Finally, the neutral slate gray is easy to incorporate into almost any existing color scheme. 

"Best blanket I've ever owned," one reviewer said. "I'd been craving a chunky knit blanket, and this one had fantastic reviews both on Amazon and internet reviews. It is the perfect size and so very soft."

Hearth & Crate Chunky Knit Blanket, $130, Amazon

The Best Budget Pick

Those who want a truly chunky blanket know they don't come cheap. In fact, it's nearly impossible to find one under $100 — but the Donna Sharp knitted throw is the exception. Even though its acrylic yarn is extra thick and features a standard knitted pattern, it costs just $80 in any of the 13 stylish colors. "It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and at a great price," wrote one reviewer who thinks it "looks great thrown over [their] couch." It's also soft to the touch but easy to spot clean, so you can style it in your bedroom or screened-in porch, too. 

Donna Sharp Chunky Knitted Throw, $80, Home Depot

A Wide Selection Of Colors

Whether you're looking for a color that blends into your space or boldly stands out, this one gives you plenty of options. While it's not super chunky, the Longhui Bedding Cable Knit Throw Blanket comes in 17 different colors. Each one is woven from a medium-thickness acrylic yarn and is sized 60 by 80 — and at just under $40 a piece, you might as well grab one for every room.

Longhui Bedding Cable Knit Throw Blanket, $37, Amazon

The Best Extra-Chunky Yarn Blanket

This piece comes from celebrity designer Nikki Chu, who strives to combine comfort and personalization with a touch of glamour. The Sable throw is available in two colors (White Swan and Flint Gray), but the real selling point is the thickness. It's woven from 100 percent acrylic yarn fibers that are wider than most, giving this blanket a plush, cloud-like feel. Incorporate it into your reading nook or media room and you'll never want to leave again. 

Nikki Chu Sable Throw, $279, Lulu and Georgia

For A Boho Touch

Make a statement while making yourself right at home. The Gracie Oaks Dexheart plush knit throw features shades of navy, turquoise, beige, and black, all woven into a pattern that'll complement any modern Bohemian home. The multicolored yarn changes thickness throughout for some added texture, and it finishes out in raw, fringed edges. You can also get it in platinum gray, cream, or yellow color schemes instead.

"Super soft and adds texture to an otherwise 'no print' palette," one reviewer writes, while another says, "Perfect for those cold chilly nights in front of a fireplace." 

Gracie Oaks Dexheart Plush Knit Throw, $79, Wayfair

A Weighted Blanket Made From Bulky-Knit Fabric

You may have heard about the benefits of weighted blankets — but you probably never expected to find one this stylish. The Cotton Napper looks like a chunky blanket knitted from yarn, though the fabric is actually made with long-staple GOTS-certified organic cotton. Each knot features layers and layers of this eco-friendly material, which add weights ranging from 15 to 25 pounds (to comfort the body and mind) while still remaining breathable. Get it in nine different colors. 

Bearaby Cotton Napper, $249, Bearaby

Multi-Hued, Irregular, And Extra Cozy

Irregular weaves can add some much-needed texture and uniqueness to an otherwise bland space, which is why this All Roads Bloomfield Throw Blanket makes a great addition to your neutral living room. It's available in blue or yellow, both of which offer a wide range of different colors and knits woven into varying thicknesses. At the ends, you'll find cute twisted tassels.

All Roads Bloomfield Throw Blanket, $148, Anthropologie.

The Best Hand-Knit Blanket — And The Warmest

If you're looking for something to keep you company throughout the coldest winter months, look no further than the Nublado wool blanket from The Citizenry. This thick, luxurious throw is hand-crafted in Peru by the weavers of San Pedro. 

The best part? Since it's made using 100 percent Peruvian highland wool, it's extremely warm, breathable, and soft to the touch — a must-have for your minimalist mountain home or cozy cabin

Weavers Of San Pedro Nublado Wool Blanket, $395, The Citizenry

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