The Best Weighted Blankets In 2020

Want one of these anxiety-reducing sleep accessories for yourself? Here are nine of the best weighted blankets on the market right now.

Courtesy of Bearaby.

Whether it's to soothe anxiety, improve sleep quality, reduce stress levels, or simply make their beds as comfortable as physically possible, countless people are searching for the best weighted blankets in 2020. "Weighted blankets have shown to be very effective for people who suffer from anxiety," says Dr. Sanam Hafeez, New York City neuropsychologist and faculty member at Columbia University. "While more research should be done in order to pinpoint how successful weighted blankets truly are at addressing anxiety and insomnia, anecdotal evidence points to some form of benefit in using them."

That said, ever since these sleep accessories blew up in popularity, the market has become saturated with options — and some are definitely better than others. So how, exactly, do you narrow down the right one for you? 

According to Dr. Hafeez, "Weighted blankets have been designed and developed to provide a warm, gently pressured feeling that mimics a hug, which reportedly has had the effect of helping reduce anxiety in users." As a result, the weight will likely be the most important factor, and experts suggest a simple math problem in order to determine the ideal weight for you: Multiply your body weight by 10 percent. For example, a 150-pound adult would need a 15-pound blanket, because 150 x .10 = 15.

Next, consider the size and the materials. The size should be large enough to cover most of your body, and the materials will dictate quality and durability. Most high-quality weighted blankets will have moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics on the outside (to ventilate body heat despite the weight), and will use evenly distributed, hypoallergenic filling inside; glass beads are a great option here since they're sturdy, mess-resistant, and won't cause irritations for those with sensitive skin or noses. 

Otherwise, it's mostly about preference. Do you prefer warm, fluffy fabrics, or cooling ones? Does white match better with your bedroom, or does gray? These are the nine best weighted blankets available right now, and there's one to suit every style and every kind of sleeper. 

The Overall Best Weighted Blanket For 2020

There are several reasons The Sleeper from Bearaby has earned our approval as the best weighted blanket of 2020. For one, Bearaby as a company is dedicated to sustainable, natural materials and combining science-backed products with contemporary styles. For another, the blanket itself is made from a combination of low-maintenance cotton and cooling eucalyptus fabric, and it's filled with glass sand and patented airflow channels for both weight and breathability. Finally, the white exterior and navy border piping are fresh and go with any bedroom

You can buy this one in three sizes (twin, queen, and king) and three weight options (15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds). So far, the reviewer feedback has been stellar: 

"I'm so grateful to the designers of this miracle Sleeper," one buyer wrote. "They created a 'weighted' blanket without the feeling you're in a oven and sweating your bed out. So the Sleeper is a excellent creation to give you an unbelievable deep, refreshing sleep." Another said, "So helpful in calming my heart down and feeling secure."

The Sleeper Weighted Comforter, $269, Bearaby.

The Best Option For Hot Sleepers

Cooling beads and breathable fabrics are pretty common among high-quality weighted blankets, but this one is specifically designed for extra-hot sleepers. If you toss and turn due to excess body warmth, the BlanQuil Chill weighted blanket is for you. The fabric is made from silky-smooth microfiber (which wicks away sweat and redirects body heat), while the blanket itself has tiny, independent baffles that evenly distribute the eco-friendly, cooling glass beads across your body. It's also thinner than most others and has a removable cover that you can wash in the machine for a refreshing pick-me-up — or remove entirely during the extra-hot months

This one is available in a 15-pound option and a 20-pound option, and the off-white effortlessly blends in with any decor.

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket, $250, Hayneedle.

If You Prefer Added Warmth

Some people get super cold during the night. If you find yourself sleeping with socks on, positioning the space heater next to your bed, and doubling up on the blankets, opt for a plush fabric instead of a cooling one. This option from Urban Outfitters is covered in a soft fleece material that further emphasizes the feeling of a warm hug. The overlapping square pockets hold 15 pounds of weighted fill, and the blanket is available in a deep charcoal gray that's even machine-washable. 

"Received this as a Christmas gift," one reviewer said. "Best ever! It's warm, it's comfy and I really believe I've been getting some of the best sleep I've had in a long while because of it." 

Urban Outfitters Plush Weighted Blanket, $139, Urban Outfitters


For Stylish Colors & Patterns

Most weighted blankets come in a few solid colors — if they offer any other options at all. The LUNA weighted blanket, on the other hand, has a dozen to choose from, and they're not all solid, either. You can opt for neutral grays and blues, but you can also make a statement with chic patterns like gray pinstripes, classy grids, and navy nautical.  

In addition to the eye-catching designs, this blanket offers high-quality materials and proven durability. The exterior fabric is constructed from hypoallergenic, sustainable cotton that's free from any chemical additives, and the interior has glass beads that are contained within double-stitched seamed pockets for even distribution. You can even choose between 10 different weights and a wide selection of sizes. 

"Love my Luna!" one buyer raved. "I was having such a hard time falling asleep at night and this has helped so much! I also love all of the cute patterns that are offered!" 

LUNA Adult Weighted Blanket, $65, Amazon


The Best Knit Weighted Blanket

If you want the weight of a weighted blanket without the traditional, quilt-like appearance, the Bearaby Tree Napper is hands down the best option. It effortlessly suits a modern apartment or a cozy, Boho home, so if you drag it out to the couch for some Netflix-binging, your guests will never guess it's weighted. 

As with their Sleeper design, this one prioritizes sustainable materials, but it amps up the chic aesthetic with a multi-layered, woven yarn that mimics the appearance of a chunky-knit blanket. As a result, it's modern, cozy, and cute, all while offering the same anxiety-calming benefits. But how?

Basically, it's made from a special heavy fabric called TENCEL, which is crafted from raw wood materials. This fabric is then layered over itself to offer evenly distributed weight in three options: 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds. Since there aren't any glass or sand fillers, you never have to worry about leaks and accidental messes, and the entire blanket can be thrown in the washing machine (and the dryer) to keep it fresh. Get it in stone white, frost gray, or glass blue. 

Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket, $279, West Elm


The Best Oversized Weighted Comforter

The majority of weighted blankets are designed to cover one person at a time — but what if both you and your partner could do with a little nighttime stress relief? Cue the Byourbed oversized Chommie comforter, which is available in three sizes (twin XL, queen, and king) to cover larger mattresses and still reach down to the floor. The microfiber-polyester blend is smooth and cooling against your skin for year-round use, while the glass bead fill gets heavier with each size to offer both partners a calming, sleep-inducing pressure.

It's available in both gray and white to complement just about any bedroom. Finally, at only $114 for a king size, it's still one of the more affordable options — even though it covers your whole bed and then some. 

Byourbed Chommie Weighted Comforter, $114, Hayneedle


The Best Jersey Weighted Throw

Jersey knit isn't a material itself, but instead a weaving technique that results in smooth, stretchy, comfortable fabric. Jersey sheets, for example, are typically the bedding of choice when one wants to create a homey, low-maintenance environment — and this weighted throw from Room Essentials does exactly that. 

Reviewers say the polyester Jersey material is "very soft and so comfortable," while the glass microbeads are "evenly distributed because of the sewn square grids." The cover is removable for washing and comes in two colors (heather gray and blush pink), plus you can opt for three different weights: 12 pounds, 15 pounds, and 18 pounds. Since the blanket measures 50 by 70 inches, it's great for curling up for a cat-nap or watching movies on the couch during a rainy Sunday afternoon

Room Essentials Jersey Weighted Throw Blanket, $49, Target


The Best Pick For Texture Therapy

Courtesy of alejandras_world via Instagram.

Sometimes people with anxiety also have an aversion to certain textures, which is due to a difference in the way their brain processes sensory input. While a weighted blanket may help to reduce anxiety on its own, a weighted blanket made from the right material could be twice as effective. This option from Weighted Evolution is specifically designed to do just that.  

The glass-bead interior is available in weights ranging from 8 pounds to 25 pounds, but the real selling point is the removable, reversible cover: On one side, it has smooth, cooling bamboo Lyocell that glides effortlessly against skin, and on the other side, it has a soft, fleece material with sensory dots all over it. The results, according to reviewers, have been astounding: 

"I have a daughter that has anxiety and also sensory processing disorder. She is very picky about textures because of her sensory issues," one reviewer said."This blanket was perfect for her. It is so soft!" Another buyer wrote, "The sensory dot cover is just delicious. It's so nice and calming to run your hands over. Not to mention it's beautiful!" 

Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket, $90, Amazon


If You’re Looking For Options — Including The Best Weighted Blanket For Kids

With over 9,000 reviews on Amazon, the YnM weighted blanket is easily one of the most popular options out there. That's because it offers countless sizes, colors, patterns, and weights, all for pretty affordable prices. 

Each one features a breathable cotton cover that's broken up into small, square compartments, which house the hypoallergenic glass beads and stop them from collecting in any one area. This one also contains less fiber fill than competing options, so it's thinner and more cooling for hot sleepers — and the stitches are reinforced for durability. Last but not least, the corner ties allow you to attach it to a duvet cover in case you can't find a color that you like. 

That being said, the likelihood of that isn't high. It comes in over 20 different designs, from sleek geometric shapes to adorable penguin patterns. Most patterns are offered in a wide selection of weights that range from 5 pounds to 30, which means you can find a suitable fit for a 50-pound child or a 300-pound adult. 

YnM Weighted Blanket, $60, Amazon


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