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Camille Styles Just Gave Her Courtyard The Full Target Treatment

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Courtesy of Target.
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We can't think of a better way to kick off spring, than with a gorgeous garden party. Being a true believer that the best entertaining happens outdoors, lifestyle blogger Camille Styles decided it was about time to step things up a notch and teamed up with Target to ensure her courtyard is fully prepped and primed for the entertaining season ahead.

"Ever since building our house eight years ago, we’ve always talked about what a great space the courtyard could be, but until recently, it got pushed down the priority list, in favor of other home projects," Styles explains, when asked how the collaboration first came about.

"Last fall, we finally laid the foundation for our outdoor space, by putting gravel down and planting shrubs and vines, so it could start to take shape. As is usually the case, the idea of throwing a party served as all the motivation I needed to spend some time sprucing up the space with my favorite pieces from Target's Opalhouse patio assortment."

Click through our gallery to see more of Camille's fresh new outdoor space. Be warned, spring fever may ensue.