See Cindy Crawford Spill Secrets In Her Malibu Beach House

The supermodel reveals in Vogue's 73 Questions video.

Watch Cindy Crawford Spill Secrets In Her Malibu Beach House

Want a look into the life of a supermodel? Cindy Crawford just opened up her home to Vogue for its "73 Questions" series and gave the inside scoop on her career, family, and incredible Malibu home. While walking around the palatial space, Cindy shares awful photo shoot memories, sings some George Michael, and even tells us which alkaline metal is most reactive with its stable isotope . Yup. This supermodel low-key carries a degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern.

Along with fun cameos from Cindy's model children Presley and Kaia Gerber, the video also gives a peek at her home's amazing beachfront view and some classic photos from her favorite shoots. Play the video below to get the full tour.

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