Illustrated by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.
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A sensational, modern-day poet, Cleo Wade is a storyteller of the human condition. In an era of content abundance, she uses Instagram powers for good by sharing universal messages through hand-written mantras—think Humans of New York meets Maya Angelou. Her highly relatable written quotes have gone viral, and now, Wade has completed a Ted talk, interviewed legend Diane von Furstenburg, published a book, and reaches the feeds of almost 300k followers daily.

Cleo is bringing her wisdom to homes across the nation with her newest collaboration alongside dishware experts, Fishs Eddy.  The collection of homegoods features thoughtful, classic pieces paired with Wade’s wise mantras. In an official statement, Fishs Eddy’s team stated, “Cleo’s message really resonated with us—she’s so positive and empowering! She is an endless source of passion and inspiration and we like to think that we’re an endless source of ways to share it..”

We asked Cleo to tell us a bit more about her latest collection, what it’s like to be a poet in the digital era, and where she finds inspiration. The writer’s charisma and optimism translates through each of her answers, and we hope that in reading them, you too catch the Wade wave. Click ahead to learn more.