A Black-and-White Kitchen by Manhattan Nest

A Black-and-White Kitchen by Manhattan Nest | Lonny.com
(All photos © Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
Sometimes the absence of color can be just as striking as the most vibrantly hued palette. Case in point: Daniel Kanter's understated black-and-white kitchen in upstate New York. The Manhattan Nest blogger revamped an outdated 1950s home with minimal investment but plenty of big design ideas. Fresh coats of bright-white and deep gray paint helped revive wooden cabinets throughout the space. Industrial-chic subway tile helped create a contemporary aesthetic that didn't overshadow the country setting. And warm wooden accents (a butcher-block countertop; a steel-trimmed island) keep the vibe simple and unfussy. The result is an elegant blank slate on which to introduce colorful glass and other decorative touches.

Daniel Kanter kitchen | Lonny.com
Which do you prefer: a black-and-white kitchen that lets you add color as the mood strikes you, or a rainbow-bright room that begs for understated details?

Daniel Kanter kitchen | Lonny.com
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