A Colorful Kid's Room Idea

Say bye-bye to boring white walls with this graphic design treatment

Well, the stylists at the Land of Nod have done it again. How's this for rainbow bright? With just a few cans of paint, a steady hand, and a few old standbys from your presumably well-stocked tool box, you can transform your child's room from boring white box to multi-colored treasure trove. Bonus points for wall accents—framed artwork, shelving—that adhere to the color scheme. Here's what you need to get started, plus the three simple steps that'll get you on your way.  

A Colorful Kid's Room Idea

-- measuring tape
-- level
-- painter's tape
-- paint, roller, and roller pan


1. Measure the height of your wall so that you can size and space the stripes evenly. Once you have that info, measure and mark each stripe. Use a level to ensure that the lines are straight and trace lines with pencil over the length of the wall for error-free guides.

2. Run the painter's tape along the corresponding pencil lines.

3. Carefully paint the walls using the roller and a roller pan; once paint is dry, remove the tape.

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