All the Colors are the Color of the Year, Every Year

Seriously, just use any color. It'll be fine.

Channel your five-year-old self. When someone asked you what your favorite color was, did you change your answer based on outside forces or trend forecasts? Nah. You went with your gut. Which is what you should still do.

All the Colors are the Color of the Year, Every Year

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala. Benjamin Moore just named Simply White as the official hue of 2016. Valspar chose to highlight twenty-four shades in four palettes as the go-tos for the coming year, while Shutterstock has named four colors by matching pixel data with image downloads, and the Paint Color Institute dubbed the general realm of "chill out colors" as the must-haves for 2016. It's all a bit overwhelming for an amateur color enthusiast at best, and straight-up bananas if you took a look at the number of chroma-themed announcements in our inboxes. At any given moment there are dozens of colors appointed as the defining hue of the present 12 months, only to be ousted as, quite, literally, "so last year." 

Valspar&squot;s "You Do You" Palette
Valspar's "You Do You" Palette

Of course it's intriguing to see what the global design community comes up with each year—Pantone's process sounds downright scientific, citing economic circumstances as well as pop cultural input—and the frenzy of feelings and product roundups that follow each announcement are basically Christmas morning 2.0,  but at the end of the day we whole-heartedly believe color is a personal choice. It's your right to stand in front of a massive wall of paint chips and feel the thrill (and maybe a little anxiety) of endless possibilities. Are you in? Tell us in the comments!  

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