Trend We Love: The New 80s Pastels

Eighties haters, hold up. On-the-fence people, proceed with caution. Things are about to get jazzy...

We all know design trends are cyclical, whether it's the proliferation of Midcentury Modernism, the Hollywood Regency flash from a few years back, or the wall-tapestry-fueled seventies moment we currently find ourselves in. So it should come as no surprise that at this very second, the '80s are making a play to come back in a big, and refreshingly right-now, way. 

Last year, we saw the second coming of Memphis—the Milan–based design movement that burst onto the scene in 1981, defined by bold color blocking, and shapes worthy of two other stand outs of that decade: Tinker Toys and Pee-wee's Playhouse. And fashion lovers will know that pastels have been jamming for a few seasons now. So, while we're not quite ready to reopen our hearts to the scrunchie, we are tempted by the alluring combo of shapes and colors that are popping up in the studios (and on the Instagrams) of the design world's tastemakers.

Trend We Love: The New 80s Pastels

Bari Ziperstein, one of our 6 Makers Blowing Up On Instagram, recently snapped Assemble and Simon Terrill's Brutalist playground installation at the Royal Institute of British Architects. While the architectural movement peaked a bit earlier, these speckled surfaces in teal and blush take us straight back to gymnastics class, but also kind of make us want to steal one of those hexagons for a side table. 

Trend We Love: The New 80s Pastels

Samuel Amoia, of salt-and-concrete stools fame, recently introduced his new Itz'ana collection, which has an undeniable air of 80s. Not only are the pieces pastel and geometric, they incorporate a subtle pinstripe any wolf of Wall Street could get behind. 

Need more convincing? Spend a minute with British blog Contemporary Colour, whose chromatic combinations are often über 80s and always on point.

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