Courtesy of Jake Rosenberg for COVETEUR
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We never get sick of peering into people’s homes (obviously). And, one of the first sites to offer a glimpse into the spaces of the some of the most brilliant minds in the design and fashion industry was Coveteur.

The site boasts glossy photos, thought-provoking interviews, and creative styling — and makes being a peeping Tom ever so thrilling.

So, when founders Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg announced their book — The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style — highlighting some of coolest closets ever, it was only natural for us to dive in.

“When it came to choosing people from the site we tried to narrow it down to the people that we felt were a well-rounded representation of the types of profiles and personalities,” Mark told Lonny.

Well, we’ve got a sneak peek at the some of our favorite profiles in the book, which is available now (Christmas gift, anyone?). Take a look and be prepared to fawn over these gorgeous closets.