Links We Love: A Pesto Recipe for Your Artisanal Garlic Haul, How To Dress Like Your Dog and More!

Mix And Match
Tie dye for you, your home and your dog—where's Lonny mascot Lulu Dash-Mapes when you need her?—Designsponge

Portlandia, New York
Artisanal garlic scape pesto for two? Right this way—NYTimes

There's An App For That
WhoWhatWear did a round-up of the best apps for iOS and Android over the weekend—did your favorites make the cut?—WhoWhatWear

Bathroom, Take Two
Blogger extraordinnaire Justina Blakeney redecorated her bathroom to fabulous results—and she's holding a giveaway to help you get the look!—Justina Blakeney

Pop In the Park
A vibrantly-hued dining set stands out in this leafy green oasis—Coffeeklatch via Instagram

A Is For Awesome
Design enthusiast Katrina puts her skills to work whipping up a new font we can't help but fawn over—Pugly Pixel via Instagram
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