Links We Love: Canopy Beds, End-of-Summer Soiree, and a Pretty Twist on the Boucherouite Rug

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Bronson Van Wyck’s End-of-Summer Celebration
A banquet-style table set with mismatched silver? Sold – Architectural Digest

Hack Your Way to Canopy-Bed Heaven
These 10 ideas (including a few from Lonny) bring the über-romantic look home – Domaine

My Favorite Fall Lookbook is Back in Action
Oh, Emerson Fry: I’ll take the topper coat and the sofa in back – Habitually Chic

Textiles with a Twist
Itching to get my hands on this rug by Mae Engelgeer – decor8

Dry Skin Begone
One of these pretty body scrubs should do the trick – Martha Stewart via Instagram

This Office is Just Asking For Trouble
A donut above your desk? Afternoon munchies, here we come – The Glitter Guide via Instagram
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