5 Pro Tips For Getting Your Space Summer Ready

Designer Kathy Kuo shares her must-bookmark home tips.

10 Pro Tips On Getting Your Space Summer Ready

We're always looking for creative ways to spruce up our spaces for the new season. And, there's nowhere better to turn than to the pros.

Celebrity designer Kathy Kuo has curated an exceptional online marketplace that provides access to gorgeous products typically reserved for interior designers. And, with her new Design Bar (an elevated design service both in-person locally in Manhattan and online nationwide) launching this summer it made sense to get the 411 on how she'd spruce up a space for the impending warm-weather season. 

Below, you'll find her five must-know tips and to get a head start, you can enter to win a $500 Giveaway to Kathy Kuo Home that includes one complimentary design for any room in your home, exclusive to Lonny readers!

10 Pro Tips On Getting Your Space Summer Ready
Courtesy of Kathy Kuo.

1. Edit Your Space

Before you begin adding summer pieces to your home, it’s important to declutter all of the things you already have. Take a lap around your home and clear off all of your surfaces. Any accessory or piece of decor that doesn’t excite you anymore… has to go!          

2. Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

One easy way to liven your living room with summer energy is to swap out your throw pillows. Trade out your knitted and fur pillows (and any dark, wintry colors) with bright hues, light fabrics, and happy prints. You’d be surprised how big of a difference such a small change can make.


3. Refresh Your Bedding

Treat yourself to a little pick me up and buy new sheets. Crisp, lightweight, and all-white are the qualities to look for in a summer set, and when choosing material, 100% cotton or linen will keep you cool at night. A new duvet and shams could be the little touch your bedroom needs for revitalizing summer slumber.

4. Prep Your Outdoor Space

This season, we focused on adding tons of new and exciting pieces to our outdoor collection. We’re in love with the look of these pieces, but the best part is that they’re as durable and practical as they are stunning. When shopping for outdoor furniture, keep an eye out for materials like teak, powder-coated aluminum, and wrought iron for guaranteed long-lasting quality. Our pieces also use the highest grade performance fabrics so all of your cushions will be weather resistant but still have that soft and comfortable touch.    

5. Freshen Up with Foliage

We like greenery and flowers in the home year round, but it’s a design tip that especially applies to the summer season. Besides the physical benefits of having plants in your space (they literally make your space more breathable), they’ll create an environment that feels vibrant and alive.

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