Three In-Season Blooms to Buy Now

These late winter and early spring blooms are guaranteed to bring warmth and joy to your space

From left to right: tulip, anenome, hellebore. 
From left to right: tulip, anenome, hellebore. 
Photo © Genevieve Garrupo for Lonny

We tend to forget how a few flowers can lift our spirits during the long, cold months of winter. Just carrying this little collection of winter blossoms through the slush and snow of NYC this week put a spring in my step. And despite braving 16-degree temperatures, the blooms proved their winter hardiness and why they're the perfect choice for the season.

1. Tulips

Tulips may be associated with all things Dutch but this ancient bloom was cherished by the Turks long before as a symbol of perfect love. An abundant bouquet of yellow tulips, which represent cheerful thoughts, is a sure way to thaw the winter blues.

2. Anemones

The good luck anemone, whose name means "windflower" for its paper thin petals, almost outshines the rose in terms of romantic appeal. According to Greek myth, these delicate flowers sprang from Aphrodite's tears upon the news of Adonis's death. It couldn't be a more perfect Valentine's flower.

3. Hellebores

These winter beauties, also known as the Christmas rose, come in a wide range of colors from minty white to peach to chocolate wine. Plant the bulbs in your garden in early November and watch them push their way up through the snow, or buy a potted version in season.

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