1 Sofa, 3 Ways

Same base, very different designs.

1 Sofa, 3 Ways
Courtesy of West Elm.

One of the challenges and joys of furniture shopping is that whatever you choose can be styled in a million different ways. Especially if you get a neutral piece. Take this leather sofa from West Elm, for example. With a classic shape in English Saddle leather, the piece is great simply on its own. But with truly endless options to reflect your personality with accent pieces, art, and textiles, why would you?

To show how styling is just as important as the foundation, we found three different Instagram photos that each decorated the sofa in a unique way. Scroll through and see how every 'grammer put their own spin on the seat.

1 Sofa, 3 Ways
via @brittayyy.

Georgia-based designer Brit Blankenship mixed a modern aesthetic with her hometown pride in this studio space. The couch is bare save for one black and white pillow that ties in with the "ATL" tapestry above. To invoke the rich color of the couch, Blankenship added walnut chairs and a side table that create a sense of aesthetic cohesion in the space.

1 Sofa, 3 Ways
via @pinkmoca.

Konmari consultant Karen Morales C. designed this cozy spot in her living room. Layered pillows in one corner creates transforms the sofa into a lounge, while the light makes the space into a perfect reading nook. We also love the abstract blue painting mounted behind.

1 Sofa, 3 Ways
via @rgogel.

Facebook creative director Rachel Gogel definitely has a thing for textiles and art. Fabric placed along the back of the sofa instantly gives the piece a bohemian aesthetic to blend it in with the rest of the space. We also love how it pairs nicely with the rug below.

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