Lonny Editors Do Christmas: A Tree For The Entire Family

(Source: Genevieve Garruppo / Lonny)
As we were all brainstorming on our holiday decor in the Lonny offices, I was inspired to re-create a tree my grandparents put up when I was a child. Though they usually chose a fresh-cut specimen, one year they opted instead for a giant artificial white one and adorned it with a delicate collection of crystals, beautiful mercury-glass globes, and feathered birds to add color. I have distinct memories of lying in front of that tree, lost in its lights and branches, dreaming of a world that can only exist in the mind of a young child.

A couple of decades later, I've found that NYC apartment living is actually best suited for an artificial tree, and I was thrilled with the options at Treetopia, where I settled on the Moonlight White Christmas Tree

Armed with these adorable birds from West Elm and stunning agate ornaments from Rablabs as my color inspirations, I raided my ornament stash at home and got ready to decorate. But my kids, who came bounding in from the snow, had other ideas when they saw what was going on. You see, in my work life, I'm very much in control of how things look, and I assumed that I would have the same command of the situation at home. But kids have a funny way of turning worlds upside down. So on went the ornaments with no rhyme or reason.

We topped the tree with an angel made by my incredibly creative nine-year-old (with regard only for available materials, not color scheme or theme); batting was wrapped around the base and piled with presents beautifully wrapped by my seven-year-old, who is a bit more concerned with things matching than her sister. And there I sat watching it all come together in a much lovelier way than I would have ever pulled off myself. That evening, with snow falling outside, we all layed down in front of the tree and silently fell into our own worlds of wonder. Hopefully it will be a Christmas that my own kids remember as fondly as I do.

I am Lonny's Art Director.
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