Seasonal Decor Alternatives to Flowers

It's the dead of winter and bright blooms are not exactly bountiful. What do you do to keep the winter blahs at bay? You find a few good seasonal alternatives to flowers, that's what—and we've got five easy ideas you can use right now.

1) A hurricane glass—plus a sizable candle—makes a great centerpiece.
2) So does a decorative pair of antlers, possibly in a hand-hammered Morroccan tin tray (all of which can be stacked on top of coffee table books, as seen here).

3) Place a terra cotta planter indoors and fill it with bamboo in lieu of a tree. Bonus: perhaps it'll even bring you some luck?
4) Put a bouquet of tall, dry grass in a pitcher on your table.

Decorating alternatives to flowers |

(Photos Sean Santiago)
5) When all else fails, raid your refrigerator and decorate with cabbage leaves! A tall stem in a vintage water jug is the ideal wintertime "bouquet".

Decorating alternatives to flowers |
(Ph. Sean Santiago)
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