How To Curate The Ultimate Gallery Wall

An expert breaks it down.

How To Curate The Ultimate Gallery Wall
Designed by Michelle Gage; Photographed by Kyle Born.

One trend that isn't going away any time soon? Gallery walls. These cool collections of art and decor items are a great way to put your fave pieces on display. But they can be pretty tricky to get right. When something requires putting holes in your wall, you really want to be sure that you can commit to hanging something in that location. Lucky for you, we got an expert to guide you towards perfectly curating and arranging your art.

When we saw that interior designer Michelle Gage created this gorgeous gallery wall above, we had to ask her secret. Not only is it a large-scale masterpiece, but we love the mix of items and shapes that give it a unique feel. Read ahead to learn how to curate your own 'gram-worthy arrangement.

Start Your Collection Early

"Right after college, when I moved into my first apartment, I started my art collection," shares Gage. "With a limited budget, I found amazing pieces at flea markets and estate sales. Some of those pieces are still some of my favorites today and mix well with items I splurged on later in life."

Choose Different Frames And Styles

"I always gravitate towards artwork in non-traditional frames. If it’s an irregular shape, I’m into it," says the designer. "Tall and narrow pieces mix well and provide some interest among the standard-sized frames. Round frames keep everything from looking too ridged."

Mix Your Mediums

"Any good gallery wall has a combination of prints, original artwork, photographs, and maybe even something more sculptural,"  explains Gage. "The mix of different types of art is what makes it interesting and keeps your eye entertained."

Spread Out From The Center

"With every gallery wall I create, I start hanging from the center point. It works best when you start from the core and allow the wall to grow on each side," says Gage.

Abandon The Grid

"To create a truly artistic gallery wall, you have to give yourself a little room to play. Truth be told, when my husband and I hung this wall, there was no plan in place," Gage shares. "I didn’t have any idea where I wanted each piece to live and how they would fit in with one another. I just had a pile of art that I wanted to hang on the wall."

"Allow yourself the creative freedom to make it up as you go along. There’s no way I could’ve created this layout elsewhere prior to putting it on the wall. If it did, I doubt it would be this wonderful."

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