Before & After: Tiling Your Entryway

In her new video series for Thumbtack, Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam gives a blah foyer brilliant new life

Hmm. It’s kind of…‘70s.” That was the real estate broker's immediate reaction upon showing Jordan Reid—via FaceTime—what would eventually become her new home. But Reid and her husband, who were about to embark on an ambitious cross-country move with their two young children (see our Instagram Stories on her here), saw potential beyond the underwhelming entryway.

Before: A drab way to make an entrance.
Before: A drab way to make an entrance.

“The tile was a sort of non-color, and the overall effect was very functional,” Reid recalls. “My original plan was to tackle the entryway in a few months, after I’d gotten a few more of the ‘must-do’ projects under my belt. But once I started fantasizing about ideas and realized how relatively small and low-cost the project was, I decided to make it one of my first projects—and then let those choices help set the tone for the rest of the house.”

Enter Thumbtack, the online marketplace for service professionals. As a working mom and recent transplant with a host of home decor projects to conquer, Reid is a natural choice to be the brand’s lifestyle expert, a process she’s chronicling for Lonny over the next several weeks. Watch her before-and-after video, above—and check back for more in the series to come.


“Entryways are an often under-utilized opportunity to inspire the look of an entire house. They’re the first thing your guests see when they step through the door, so it’s a fun place to show your personality—and it’s a small space, so you can go dramatic without being too overwhelming. Our entryway in particular has two big arches that lead out into the living room and dining room, so it’s very much a focal point for the entire place.”


“I knew I wanted our house to have a very ‘California’ vibe—lots of white with splashes of bright color, lots of light, lots of plants—so I spent a couple of weeks browsing local shops and online stores and asking readers of my blog for their opinions. I ended up going with the Talia Azure style from Villa Lagoon because I thought that the bright blue against the white background had a fresh, coastal vibe, and the large pattern was striking without being overly busy. The short answer, though, is that the tile just makes me happy, and that’s what I want our guests to feel when they step foot through our door.”

The high-impact entry, with Villa Lagoon's Talia Azure tile.
The high-impact entry, with Villa Lagoon's Talia Azure tile.


“The Thumbtack pro I worked with, Hugo Mata, was an integral part of the tile selection process. I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available—ceramic, natural stone, hand-painted tile, encaustic cement—and he ended up going with me to local stores and browsing online shops with me, offering not just his expert opinion, but also his thoughts on style and color, which turned out to be spot-on. The entire installation process took a little over a day: he spent the first day removing the old tile, repairing the floor underneath, then installing the tile and grouting it, and then came back the next day to seal it…and to bring his kids over for a playdate with my kids, so our families ended up spending the rest of the afternoon having a pool party.”


“What’s exciting to me about this project is how relatively small it is in terms of cost and labor—you’re talking about tiling a very small area, and if you don’t have to remove existing tile it’s an even quicker process—and how massive it is in terms of impact. Virtually everyone who steps foot in our house exclaims over the tile, and I’ve found that it’s started to inspire me to go even bolder with the decor choices I’ve been making for the rest of our home. And my husband keeps telling me how it’s his favorite spot in the entire house. I think that’s actually the spot in front of the Xbox, but hey: I’ll take it.”