Illuminate Your Space With These 10 Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas

See why pendant lighting is a bright idea.

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

When it comes to placing fixtures in your home, not much comes close to the beauty and versatility of pendant lighting. It truly is  an amazing option for practically any room in your home. From providing clarity to your kitchen to adding a glow to your bedroom, pendant lighting can give you the power to illuminate your space while also incorporating in your unique style.

One of the best parts of pendant lighting is the variety of designs they can come in. While some lights are simple, with not much more than an exposed bulb, others can be intricate modern fixtures that work as a statement piece that pulls the whole aesthetic together. Designers have made tons of beautiful and unique pendant lighting creations that can add personality, style, and functionality to your space. All you have to do is find what is best for your home.

Another great thing about pendant lights is their versatility. If you need task lighting on a counter, something to spotlight a dark corner of your home, or something that can entirely brighten up a room, you can find a pendant that fits the bill. It all depends on what purpose you want it to serve in your home.

Now there can be a few drawbacks to wanting to update the pendant lighting in your space. If you live in a rental apartment, sometimes your landlord might not be flexible with letting you swap out your fixtures. Additionally, you might be required to hire an electrician to install your pendant lighting, which adds to the overall cost of the home update (check out the video below if you want to try giving a DIY a try). Despite this, installing a new fixture will instantly transform a room — and we have a feeling you won't regret it. Need some inspiration how to use pendant lighting in your home? Read ahead for 10 ways to illuminate your space.

Update Your Office

Getting an appropriate amount of light in your office is a necessity. In fact, according to environmental psychologist Lily Bernheimer, "Quality of light is important for productivity and well-being." So if your home office is short on proper illumination, we recommend popping a pretty pendant lamp in the space. A design that inspires creativity will be a lot more helpful than one you just are fine with. Be sure to add a dimmer as well so you can filter the lighting quality throughout the day.

Illuminate Your Entryway

Want to make the entrance of your home grand? Install a cool pendant light that will make your visitors impressed upon entry. We love the rose-gold design in this Austin home because it not only stands out against the white walls, but also is a nice complement to the pastel blue door.

Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space
Photographed by Molly Culver.

Line Your Halls

Take your pendant lighting to the next level by lining your hallway with a series of the same design. Whether it's a boho rattan shade or a modern ceramic design, keeping it consistent down the center of your walkway will create a nice element that you'll definitely appreciate.

Take Up Space

We are in love with this gorgeous modern pendant light in the dining room of designer Chris Benz's Brooklyn brownstone. Instead of choosing a fixture that is centered in the middle of the table, this unique creation has curved shades jutting out at all different angles and expanding to provide illumination to almost every seat. While the shape of this pendant is bold, its matte white hue lets it serve as an elegant and minimalist asset in the room.

Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space
Photographed by Nicole Franzen.

Mix Your Metals

One of the biggest trends for 2019? Mixing your metals. Whether pairing matte black with brass or silver with gold, it's a cool way to switch up what's expected in your home. One of the best ways to try out this trend is with your pendant lighting. Installing a fixture that takes on two tones will help expand the palette of a room and make you take a second look.

Keep It Light

When you think of reading lights to place next to your bed, a lamp or wall sconce most likely comes to mind, while a pendant is usually assumed to be at the center of the room. Yet in this sweet Miami home, a petite white design changes up the norm by hovering about a foot above the side table. 

Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space
Photographed by Claudia Uribe.

Stay Exposed

One pendant light design we will always love is an exposed light bulb. Whether on its own or revealed under a sheath of clear class, it's a modern minimalist look that can look good in almost any space. It's a great option for those who love a clean aesthetic or want to balance out a more bold backdrop.

Think Globally

Want to create some intrigue within your room? Choose a spherical pendant light that can serve as a sculptural feature in a space. They are also quite versatile as well. We love them centered over a table or even as an unexpected accent in the corner of the room. Whether you find yourself a Noguchi lantern or another cool creation, this pendant light is sure to get your interior design skills a compliment or five.

Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space
Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

Keep It Natural

Want to curate a Cali-cool space? We recommend picking out pendant lights with shades woven from natural materials. Bamboo, rattan, and wicker all are great options to help add warmth to your environment while also giving it a modern bohemian touch. Since these designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we're sure you will be able to find one that perfect fits the needs of any room of your home.

Make A Statement

While you can stick with traditional shaped pendant lighting over your kitchen counter, why wouldn't you want to go all out with a bold chandelier that stops people in their tracks? The statement light is one of our favorite pieces you can put in your home. If you're looking for a beautiful fixture that will bring joy to your life, break the rules and go all out.

Beautiful Pendant Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space
Photographed by Sean Litchfield.

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