Before & After: Barn Door Installation

Ramshackle Glam’s Jordan Reid enlists a Thumbtack pro to turn a transitional space into a handsome design statement

Makeover envy is one hazard of working at Lonny—and if you’ve been following along with blogger Jordan Reid’s cross-country move to California (and her subsequent purchase of a house with an entry she turned from blah to breathtaking), you may be getting the urge to tackle your own home’s quirks. Luckily, Reid turned us on to the invaluable online resource that is Thumbtack, putting an end to that eternal question of how to find help for your home improvement projects.

Before: A bedroom-bathroom combination.
Before: A bedroom-bathroom combination.

In Reid’s case, it was an awkward transition (or, more accurately, the lack of one) between master bedroom and bathroom that got on her nerves. “The fact that the sink area was completely exposed to the bedroom—really just all part of the same room—threw off the feng shui in a major way,” she explains. “It made our bedroom feel like a hotel room… and not an especially nice one. I wanted a relaxing retreat, and having the place where we wash our faces and brush our teeth right there next to our bed honestly kind of gave me the icks.” Watch the before-and-after video above for her creative solution to this design quandary. And check back for the next installment in the series: the big closet reorg.


“It was actually an idea that came about during our house hunt: I saw one place online that had a master bedroom adjacent to the living room, sectioned off with a massive pair of sliding barn doors. The house didn’t fit what we were looking for at all, but I found myself toying with the idea of buying it until I realized: oh. It’s just that I’m obsessed with those doors. So why don’t I buy a place that actually makes sense for our family…and then install a door? Much smarter decision.”


“I purchased the door from Rustica Hardware. They have an stunning selection: everything from classic barn doors to steampunk-style metal doors to leather doors with built-in portholes—my husband was pretty excited about this one, but it ended up being outside our budget. You can customize everything from the distressing to the staining to the hardware.”

A barn door on sliding sections off the master bedroom from the bath—and brings character to the space.
A barn door on sliding sections off the master bedroom from the bath—and brings character to the space.


“Because the request forms on Thumbtack are super-detailed and personalized, I could have easily just found a door installation specialist. However, I discovered that the pro who installed our entryway tile was also experienced in carpentry, and I ended up hiring him for this job as well. He had never installed this specific type of door before, but he took the time to research the installation process, and the end product was spectacular. This is something that keeps happening over and over as I use Thumbtack for my personal projects: I fill out my request form, choose a pro, get to talking with them, and discover that while I might have hired them for something very specific, they have experience in tons of other home improvement fields—and anyone who owns property knows just how valuable it is to have someone you can call upon to help you out with virtually anything.

The installation process was a little tricky, because the space opening into the master bathroom was very wide—so we had to start by building a wall so that the door had somewhere to slide onto when it was open. The Thumbtack pro I hired spent one day building a frame for the wall, sheetrocking it, sanding it, and painting it, and then came back the next day to install the door itself.”


“You know, when we first saw the door online, my husband and I loved the look of it so much that we considered putting it in the living room or dining room—somewhere more visible. But then I remembered an article I’d read once about how people tend to treat their bedroom decor as an afterthought, concentrating instead on the main living spaces, because the only people who really see the bedroom are the people who sleep there. But that’s such a missed opportunity: your house is for your friends and family to enjoy, yes, but it’s also for you, and you spend 33 percent of your life in your bedroom. Shouldn’t you give yourself permission to invest in making it a space that you love?

Now, when I go into our bedroom at night, I feel like I’m in heaven. It’s no longer an annoyance; it’s a sanctuary, and the door to the master bathroom is hands-down one of my favorite style elements in our entire home. Oh, and everybody who visits freaks out about it and immediately starts brainstorming places to install a barn door in their own place. Everybody.”