Drapery Dilemma: To Puddle or Not to Puddle?

Puddle drapery | Lonny.com
(Fringe-trimmed green silk drapery puddles in a master suite; ph. © Patrick Cline / Lonny)
To puddle or not to puddle? That is the question. Though many urbanites eschew treatments altogether and opt for the bare-windowed aesthetic of modern loft living, drapery can be a wonderful way to tie disparate elements of a room together. In an already grand room, puddling drapery can lend elegance and a sophisticated feel, but the practice may overwhelm a smaller, more tailored space. (It seems best suited to rooms one might describe as "stately," and never looks out of place in a chateau—as long as you have the attendant staff to clean around them.) At least that's what I think. But I turn the conversation to you: what are your thoughts on puddling drapery? Yea or nay?

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Puddling drapery | Lonny.com
(Cream drapery echoes the tailored sophistication of a bed skirt; ph. © Patrick Cline / Lonny)
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