Lonny Editors Do Christmas: A Welcoming Window Display

The 25th of December is almost upon us, so we here at Lonny thought it'd be fun to show our readers how we celebrate—and decorate for—the holidays. Today, I'm adding a new entry in our holiday decor tour with my small, window-bound tree.
(Source: Lonny / Sean Santiago)
Almost two months ago, I moved into a cute one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. A big draw: the huge (by New York standards) 6' x 6' casement windows. While we have a lot of work to do to get the place in shape, my husband and I wanted to take advantage of this new gift. So we decided to put up a Christmas tree with all of the trimmings in our living room window.

I've always loved the smell of real evergreens, so I opted for a diminutive Frasier fir from Green Valley Christmas Trees. Upon opening the box, I was happy to learn that my tree was harvested on a farm in North Carolina and shipped directly to me no more than 24 hours after it was cut. Another surprise: the tree didn't leave a trail of needles from the box to its resting place. The whole experience was a nice departure from previous years, when my husband and I had to choose a pre-cut tree from the guys on the corner, lug it home ourselves, and spend the evening vacuuming up needles instead of decorating.

Once all was set, I decided on a woodland theme—a daunting task given the fact that I don't have even the hint of a stylist's eye—and went to work. First came lights and a rustic burlap ribbon from B & J Florist Supply Company in New York City. Next, I added birch stars, wood-chip birds, straw nests, painted white pine cones, foam mushrooms, feathers, and red berries for a pop of color. The finishing touches? A pristine white bird as a topper and a deer hidden among the branches for friends to find instead of a pickle. Then I ditched the traditional tree skirt and went with some canvas we had laying around (I told you, I just moved!) for a more natural look.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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