Yea or Nay: Art in the Bathroom?

Yea or Nay: Art in the Bathroom? | © Patrick Cline/Lonny)
The bathroom may be the most utilitarian room in the house, but that's no reason to dress it as such. While we're big fans of classic, all-white spaces, we've also been known to break with tradition when it comes to infusing a room with some much needed personality. In this case, we'd happily trade up our standard bath mat for a perfectly faded antique rug like the one above; we'd also find much to love in an entry or dining console that's been converted into a vanity. But on the issue of artwork, we're torn.

On the one hand, why shouldn't homeowners (and renters!) apply the same attention to detail on the walls in their bathrooms as they do in their living rooms? After all, some people spend some of their best time in front of the mirror, and nothing looks better than a good, old-fashioned gallery wall, especially one tied to a cohesive theme (Audubon prints, silhouettes). But how many of you are worried about damaging your best pieces in that veritable steam box?

Yea or Nay: Art in the Bathroom? |
(Ph. © Patrick Cline/Lonny)
And even if you invest in a professional framing job, there may be other casualties. I'm thinking of the gorgeous antique frames that hold your most prized possessions. Designer Juan Carretero avoided that fate entirely by putting his most ornate pieces along the walls in a powder room rather than full bathroom in his upstate New York home. But if your heart is set on the look, perhaps a stockpile of Ikea frames—and the hacks to go with them—is in your future. What do you think of artwork in the bathroom? 

Yea or Nay: Art in the Bathroom? | © Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
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