Lonny Editors Do Christmas: A Eucalyptus Wreath with Far East Flair

The 25th of December is almost upon us, so we here at Lonny thought it'd be fun to show our readers how we celebrate—and decorate for—the holidays.  This year I was inspired to take the traditional red and green up a notch with elements inspired by the Chinese New Year.

I was recently given a Chinese housecoat made of intricately embroidered red silk. Though the coat was water damaged, the previous owner gifted it to me knowing of my love for repurposing beautiful textiles. I salvaged the unharmed linear embroidery around the edge of the coat and finished the edges with a straight stitch.

When I saw Balsam Hill's fresh Eucalyptus wreath with bright red berries, I knew the garment's vibrant floral design would make a great accessory. I used one silk sash to hang the wreath from my folding screen—strategically placed in front of my window to block an alley view without obscuring sunlight—and employed two slightly more narrow ribbons as curtain ties.

With fabric to spare, I got a jump start on wrapping presents. Pearl River, a Chinese-American market in SoHo, is my go-to source for beautiful and affordable origami papers. The store also carries wrapped tea canisters, which make lovely vessels for small gifts such as jewelry or homemade chocolates. Everything came together to create a festive display that's different from your usual Christmas decor. How do you decorate for the holidays?
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