Lonny Editors Do Christmas: A Black Wreath

The 25th of December is almost upon us, so we here at Lonny thought it'd be fun to show our readers how we celebrate—and decorate for—the holidays. First up is Photo Editor Genevieve Garruppo, who proves that a dark palette can be just as festive as traditional red and green.

(Source: Lonny / Genevieve Garruppo)
"When I was in the first grade, we had to write up a short biography explaining everything that we loved in life. My favorite sport was figure skating, my favorite food was pizza, and my favorite color was black. More than 20 years later, the last two things in that list still hold true. My dream apartment has four black walls; most of the clothes I wear are black. I even sport black lipstick—and not just on Halloween. Why, you ask? The truth is that despite its goth appeal, black can be so dynamic and multi-dimensional in such a subtle way: highlights sparkle, shadows get deeper as the light falls off."

"So it seems fitting that my holiday decor follow suit. Inspired by Temo Callahan's design tip in our November issue, I chose a pre-lit Tuxedo Black Wreath from Treetopia and set to work. Arts and crafts are synonymous with the holiday season, so I decided to make some paper cranes and bows. The origami adds a graphic element, which creates an interesting juxtaposition to the texture of the wreath. Plus, it gave my friends and I an excuse to party: just invite a few people over, drink some wine, and fold some paper!"

"Once the wreath was complete (I threw in some painted antlers for good measure), I adhered a strip of patterned paper onto the wall behind it—think of it as a runner for your wall. It was an inexpensive way to add another design element to the small bit of holiday decor that my little apartment allows."

How are you decorating for the holidays?
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