How to Use Your Wardrobe to Find Your Interiors Style

Emily Henderson shares six simple rules for determining your personal aesthetic, and putting it to good use.

How to Use Your Wardrobe to Find Your Interiors Style

It happens to the best of us. You're scrolling through Pinterest and a gorgeous room catches your eye. It's completely perfect, and style-wise, 110% the opposite of everything you own. Suddenly you want to put a French settee in your minimalist apartment, or a modernist pendant light in your fully Victorian home. While there's plenty to be said for expertly mixing styles, there's also a good chance that when it comes to extravagant design decisions you should stay in your lane. The tough part is figuring out what highway you're even on.

Luckily, stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson breaks down an easy (and kinda fun) cheat in her new book, Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves. Our chapter of choice for this particular style conundrum: "Psst...look in your closet."

How to Use Your Wardrobe to Find Your Interiors Style

6 Wardrobe Cues that Determine Your decorating aesthetic

1. Mainly taupes, browns, creams, beiges: Don’t splurge on a hot pink sofa or paint an accent wall lemon yellow.

2. Plenty of vintage pieces: Make time at your favorite flea market to shop the furniture, too.

3. A collection of leather jackets and ripped jeans: Stay away from tufted traditional sofas and go for more edgy, “hard-core” pieces.

4. Many tailored sheaths, dress shirts, or bow ties (and not just for work): You should probably go for a more “buttoned-up” look at home, too.

5. Multiple pairs of the same pants: You like familiarity and comfort. Go for a room with functional ease, like one with a big comfy sofa and a coffee table that you can put your feet on.

6. Long, flowy hippie dresses: You should certainly not have a firm, shallow sofa. You are a lounger and you deserve a sofa that suits those needs.

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