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Decorist & Buybuybaby Are Making Nursery Decoration High-Tech

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Courtesy of Decorist.
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When you're prepping for a baby on the way, you want to create the perfect nursery for your little one while also keeping stress levels low. Luckily Decorist is here to help. The online interior design company has teamed up with buybuybaby to curate 28 sweet and stylish shoppable rooms to fit every aesthetic. Best of all? You can use technology to get a 3D look at what the design will look like in your space!

If you want to see the looks IRL, all of them are currently on display at buybuybaby Pleasant Hill, CAChelsea, NYC, and Downer's Grove, Il. You can even customize your look with a freeone-on-one appointment with a Nursery Design Stylist.

Of course, you can shop each space online too! Want to see some of the coolest nursery looks from the collab? Read ahead to scope them out and get some insight into the design from Decorist's creative director Jessica McCarthy. Sweet dreams ahead!