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This Artist's Home Is Her Love Letter To Cali Culture

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Photographed by Nicole LaMotte for Lonny.
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For L.A. based creative Denise Cortes — a painter, writer, poet, and mom-of-six — her bold, bright, and beautifully expressive family home boasts a whole lot of character — and then some.

"My partner and I would drive around the neighborhood and look at houses. We'd dream of a humble, safe place to raise our family," explains Cortes, when asked how her technicolor home first came to be. "We stumbled across this house right before the Southern California real estate market really skyrocketed. As soon as I walked through the door, I could see the potential."

With a studio space now at home, Cortes' living space serves as an extension of her canvas. The interior is her mood board. Vibrant colors coat the once-white walls while pattern and print reigns supreme. 

Fancy the full tour? Scroll through our gallery to see more of this creatively cool home.

Vintage Painter's Table; Richeson & Co. Easel; Denise Cortes, Solomon Cortes, Michael Cortes, Jeshua Viveiros, Amparo Chi, Miriam Martinez, and Linda Sandoval Assorted Artwork; Woven Wanderland Macrame Wallhanging; IKEA Desk Lamp; IKEA Lantern.