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This Artist's Home Is Her Love Letter To Cali Culture

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Photographed by Nicole LaMotte for Lonny.
Bright Ideas
"I had very young children, so I learned really quickly that nothing could be too precious or too expensive," explains Cortes, of her approach to decorating with flair.

"With little-to-no budget for decorating, I relied on secondhand furniture that I painted, vintage pieces passed down to me, art I made or art created by my children’s father, and my artist friends — plus lots of plants."

Mor Furniture Sofa; Habitat For Humanity Coffee Table; IKEA, Custom, Vintage Assorted Pillows; Denise Cortes, Michael Cortes, Kathy Cano-Murillo, Jeshua Viveiros, Solomon Cortes, Modern Arrow, Kultura Ink, and Siner Assorted Artwork.