Plates as Art: Yea or Nay?

Decoupaged plates hung as wall art |
While hosting a party, have you ever prolonged refilling that tray of bruschetta just long enough for your guests to catch a glimpse of (and compliment) your new decoupaged John Derian? Do you love your shmancy delftware salad plates you scored at the Rose Bowl Flea Market so much that you hesitate to grab one when fixing up some nachos (just too casual!)?

If so, you'll likely agree that sometimes a plate is just too pretty to be carrying out its intended purpose: serving food.  Rather than banishing your favorite dishes behind cupboard doors, take a tip from some of Lonny's favorite decorators and display them artfully on a wall:

Plates hung as wall art |
If your preferred platters share a common color scheme, follow the advice of Houston-based antiques dealer, Kay O'Toole.  In her kitchen (above), she flanks a sunny window with symmetric arrangements of glazed-white pottery. Click here for more of O'Toole's home. 

Plates hung as wall art | Lonny.comPlates hung as wall art |

A quad of retro floral cocktail plates watches over a food prep station at Grace Bonney's place (left), while an assortment of blue-and-white china mingles on a brick wall at Anthony D'Argenzio's Brooklyn abode (right).

Plates hung as wall art |
Lisa Sherry takes it up a notch with this climbing formation that hangs above a vintage laundry cart, repurposed as a bar.  The eclectic mix of shape and pattern reflects the poppy, eclectic attitude throughout the entire house

So what say you? Do you proudly display your dishes, or prefer to keep them closeted? Share your own "plate art" with us on Instagram and Facebook @lonnymag, and for more daily decorating ideas, follow us on Pinterest!
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