A Traditional Beni Ourain Rug As A Sofa

Ruby Press | Lonny.com(A Beni Ouarain-inspired design in the Ruby Press office; ph. © Kristen Loken)
By now, we're sure you're familiar with the look of Beni Ourain rugs and the countless imitations they've inspired. The design typically features a black diamond pattern woven into a cream foreground, a look based on traditional Moroccan designs made by the eponymous nomadic Berber tribe between the 1940's-60's. They're so versatile we've seen them crop up in homes all over the world, from Jenna Lyons's Brooklyn brownstone to photographer Francois Halard's Mediterranean retreat.

What we didn't realize until this week? That the design had been turned into a sofa! Anthropologie's Diamond Shag Sectional Sofa moves the plush pile from your feet to your seat—but for the better? While the rug is no longer available online (it may have sold out), photographic evidence of it is all we need to prompt the question: is this a good idea, or is the omnipresent pattern better suited to rugs?

Anthropologie sofa | Lonny.com(Ph. © Anthropologie) 
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