Travelogue Inspiration: Patternful Istanbul

Justina Blakeney is an L.A-based designer, author, and stylist with a bohemian heart. Her love for color, pattern, plants, her daughter, and her 'jungalow' are shared daily on her eponymous lifestyle blog, and she is one of the world’s most followed tastemakers on Pinterest.

Pattern and color in Istanbul | Justina Blakeney)
As a pattern lover, I don't think that there is any better place on Earth to visit than Istanbul, Turkey. Fifteen foot high piles of patterned kilim rugs and pillows sit along side racks and racks of Suzani spreads in every color imaginable. Patterned tiles cover floors, walls and ceilings, and don't get me started on the Grand Bazaar...the entire city is steeped in layer upon layer of ikats, florals, geometrics and paisleys.

Inspired Istanbul | Lonny.comPattern and color in Istanbul |
(Ph. Justina Blakeney)
From the Topkapi Palace to the Spice Market and the breath-taking Hagia Sofia, the vibrant cityscape is so full pattern-spiration that just trying to take it all in can be dizzying, like trying to twirl like a Whirling Dervish.

Turkish inspiration | Lonny.comPattern and color in Istanbul |
(Ph. Justina Blakeney)
If you're visiting, be sure to take long breaks with plenty of stops for tea—and maybe even pencil in a visit to a calming hamam if it gets to be overwhelming!
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