Q&A with Andrea Linett

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Name: Andrea Linett
Resides in: New York City. See her home here.
Occupation: Creative Director, Brand Consultant, and Author
Best known for: Co-founding Lucky magazine, making eBay fashionable, and serving as VP Global Creative Director of Michael Kors 

How would you describe your personal style?
Untucked glamour. I've very bad at looking perfectly pressed, so I just go with it.

What's a typical day like for you?
I'm a creature of habit. I get up, make a strong double Nespresso, read and answer e-mails, work out, eat breakfast, shower. Then I start my day, which consists of collaborating with my best friend, Anne Johnston Albert, on our new bag-and-clothing line, writing my shopping column for Refinery 29, and working on various projects for clients—everything from merchandising to branding.

You travel a lot with your husband [photographer Michael Waring]. Which trip has been your favorite?
Marrakech. We went there for a Lucky shoot right before we got married. We planned our wedding in three months and based a lot of it on that trip—rose petals and Moroccan lanterns on the tables.

What's your secret to creating a home that feels worldly but not culturally dissonant?
You have to pick things that complement each other, whether it's a color palette or a vibe. Otherwise, you risk having your home look like an ad for a trip around the world (an I Love Lucy reference!).

How does your current home compare to the one you grew up in?
It's not that far off. My parents always had midcentury furniture, pillows, and art. I bought the same 1970s chrome lamp from Habitat and a slatted wood bench that I grew up with. We've added a lot more ethnic pieces, such as Moroccan pillows, and kookier flea-market finds, such as our wall of horse and seascape paintings.

What is your favorite piece in your home?
It's a tie: our ketubah (wedding contract), the Moroccan rugs we bought in Marrakech, and the Saarinen Womb Chair that was a wedding present from a bunch of friends.

What do you collect?
Jewelry of all kinds, including Native American turquoise pieces. Boots, from cowboys to Rick Owens wedges. And, come to think of it, I have more denim jackets than a person needs!
I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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