8 Lonny Readers Reveal Their Home New Year's Resolutions

Change for 2018.

8 Lonny Readers Reveal Their Home New Year's Resolutions
Courtesy of Amber Interiors.

Have you already thought of your New Year's resolution? While plenty make goals surrounding their health or careers, many people make plans to create change in their houses in the year ahead. From reno projects to getting yards in shape to simply having a new mindset about what their home means to them, we had our readers share with us a few of their resolutions for 2018. We dare you not to be inspired. 

“I want to replace most of the art on the walls with things that actually fit the frame size! A forgotten task from when we first moved in… four years ago.” -@itscatie

“Declutter!!!” -@honestlywtf

“New kitchen and front yard landscaping. I think I’m going to go a little crazy by the end of these projects but it will be worth it!” -@annainsta

“I lost my home to a fire in early 2017. My resolution is to fill my newly rebuilt space with decor reflective of the lessons we have learned through loss. Love, gratitude, light, grace, and to take risks in designing a space which resonates creativity and newness.” -@6wendys

“Live and give more generously.” -@kerrylynnstone

“2017 was the year I finally got rid of builder grade lighting. In 2018, I will finally paint over the previous owners awful colors (and we have lived here for five and a half years!)” -@kimrally

“Add more white and more sparkle!” -@mercantileseaside

“I want to declutter as much junk as I can! It’s important for me to always feel relaxed and have my space reflect that.” -@ivanna.mar

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