Celerie Kemble's Advice on Incorporating Pattern

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For someone with minimalist tendencies, decorating with pattern seems like it can be a bit of a nightmare. Use too little and the embellishment looks random or otherwise lost; too much and the result is a big ol' mess. So we turned to one of our favorite interiors experts, Celerie Kemble, for the basics on how to incorporate pattern and texture throughout your home.

Pick one wild motif and use it everywhere.
Or select a single part of a room—the curtains, for instance—as the place to use one large-scale pattern. Incorporate small-scale prints or textures that reference the larger pattern throughout the space to complement the overall scheme.

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Pillows are an easy way to add pattern and texture.
Bright colors and prints are fun for summer, while velvet and furs make a sofa warm and inviting for winter. You can swap them out depending on your mood.

Hidden patterns are thrilling.
Try them inside a cabinet or tray, on the backs of chairs, or even on the sheets of your Murphy bed.

(Patrick Cline/Lonny)
Vary the location of pattern.
Don't put it all at the same level. Keep the floor, walls, windows, and ceiling in mind.

Don't limit yourself to textiles.
Remember that great pattern and texture can come in the form of a cut-brass metal grate, a tortoiseshell tray, or a crackled-leather sofa.
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