Love It Or Leave It? Decorating With Trims

I’m a huge proponent of adding a little flair to your surroundings. Trims, tassels, pom poms, fringe: I’ll put it on pillows, drapery, table linens—you name it! But a lot of people find these kinds of add-ons a bit old-fashioned, associating that level of polish with their parents’ generation. You know, homes with formal living and dining rooms (oh my!) rather than the more fluid living spaces of today. To that I say: You couldn’t be more wrong.

Take, for instance, the multi-hued pom pom rope above, which injects the trad floral drapery print pictured with a bit of playfulness. It’s much more personal than your standard drapery pull.

Pom poms work just as well adorning this bedroom valance (above, left.) A bushy fringe dresses up a standard ivory tablecloth and helps balance the mix of formal and informal elements in this sitting room (above, right.) Below, tassel trim on a throw pillow tie into the room's color scheme and looks particularly striking offset against an understated deep blue velvet sibling. How do you feel about trims? Do you appreciate their versatility or feel they're just too...frilly?

(All photos Patrick Cline for Lonny)
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