Bathroom Idea We Love: Take It Personally

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about bathrooms. It may seem an odd space to fixate on, but I'm always impressed when homeowners or decorators stress not so much the "bath," but the "room" element. Marble and tile are water-friendly go-tos; gleaming porcelain and stainless steel seem the safe choices—but when I see a bathroom that has "real room" character, I can't help but swoon.

Take this handsome master bath, for example, in the Somerset, New Jersey home of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross. With its charming wall art, a weathered oriental rug layered on the textural tile floor, and a filigreed antique sideboard housing an inlaid sink, it's the kind of place that feels equally suited to curling up with a good book and washing up—which is a wonderful way to feel about such a deeply personal space.

Master bath |
This bathroom is similarly "room-like," with a shower shrouded in the kind of drapery one might expect to surround a gracious bay window, and an antique stamped-leather chair that would look right at home at an imposing dining table. That these special touches and one-off pieces were reserved for the WC gives the oft-overlooked space big-room importance. Now that's the stuff of daydreams.
I'm the former Style Editor at Lonny.
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