Lonny's Top Pins of the Week: The Perfect Summer Snack & a Sag Harbor Kitchen

Lonny's Top Pins of the Week: The Perfect Summer Snack and a Sag Harbor Kitchen
We can all agree that home is where the heart is. But this week, let's get a little more specific. This week Lonny readers' hearts are nearest the fridge.  This week's top pins revolve around the room of the house that the majority of families will confirm sees the most action: the kitchen!

Sag Harbor kitchen | Lonny.com

While touring Blythe and Mark Harris's Sag Harbor home, readers were charmed by Elizabeth Cooper's modern-rustic design, from the exposed wooden beams and oxidized brass hardware to the farmhouse sink. One major feature that we've all been envying: the cleverly-placed skylight, which allows natural light to stream in at all hours of the day.

Sag Harbor House designed by Elizabeth Cooper

A weathered wooden table is a natural fit for this space, doubling the family's countertop area. The island also allows for multiple food prep stations, or better yet: snacking stations.

Berry-Prosecco Ice Cream Floats

And speaking of snacks, lets talk about Diana Yen, our go-to treat master.  This week she delivered this icy dessert idea, the ingredients of which you likely already have in your fridge! Click here for her Berry-Prosecco Ice Cream Floats recipe– it's so delicious and simple, you'll wonder how you didn't think of it sooner.
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